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An Adoption Tale: Part One

I am adopted. Or at least I was adopted, thirty years ago when I was born. Sitting here today I’m not sure it’s representational of me anymore. I don’t feel like an adopted child, in fact to be honest, I don’t think I ever really have. But I especially don’t now, not now I am living in the reality of having all my parents, adopted and biological in my life. It’s been a long long journey, I guess really from the minute I was born to now, but especially over the last few years it has been an emotional ride where so much has happened and taken place, and as a result I have grown and changed, for the better. I feel complete and whole.

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Brushing My Teeth

Earlier this evening I was getting ready to nip over to our friends’ house for a relaxed evening, which basically meant putting clean pyjama bottoms and a jumper on, finding my slippers and brushing my teeth! You know, the sort of friends who are actually more like family, who you can just ‘be’ with, in your jammies, totally yourself and you’re safe. And while getting ready, brushing my teeth to be specific, casually leaning over the sink and glancing in the mirror, I felt this blog unfold in front of me in my thoughts.

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Ever had one of THOSE days?! Where you just feel grumpy?! And no matter how hard you try, you just can’t pull yourself out?! I’m not talking about days where you’re under very real stress and pressure and are genuinely feeling weighed down by the world. I’m talking about those days when nothing is really wrong, the odd niggle or frustration might rear its unwanted head here or there but for the most part, life is pretty good, it’s just that grumpiness seems to tap you on the shoulder and settle in for the ride.

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Write, write, write!!

Over the last few days I have had so many people tell me to write, write, write!! I’ve been so totally blown away by the number of people that have read my blogs so far and the positive comments, feedback, encouragement and support I have received. Thank you all!

I made a promise to myself when I started that I would only write when inspired and when led to and I am determined to stay true to this. However, what I have realised is that there is always something to write about. Every single day, life goes on and the world keeps spinning. And every day has its little moments that need to be caught hold of, treasured and woven into memories, not to be forgotten. So often, we can easily find ourselves swept into the pace of life; hustle, bustle, schedules, meetings, phone calls, emails, deadlines and pressure. And in the midst of that, we can miss so much.

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A Lazy Sunday

Type ‘a traditional Sunday’ into any search engine and the first few pages all display links about making the perfect Sunday roast dinner. Sunday’s traditionally for us as a family were quiet days. I remember at a very young age, living in Wootton Bassett and regularly on a Sunday morning putting a pretty dress on, my best white furry coat (with a bright red lining!) and walking to church as a family. When we moved to Somerset, we didn’t go to church as often and being a staff nurse, mum would often be working, but Sundays were still quiet family days.

In recent years Sundays have become busy. A whirlwind of a day dashing from place to place and trying to fit in a million tasks. Being a primary school teacher means that work often spills out into the weekend and Sunday afternoons can often be taken up with marking, planning lessons and catching up with other household chores in preparation for the week ahead.

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Holiday Health Blues

The Easter break. Two weeks holiday. A teacher’s reward for working so hard during a term that has included an Ofsted inspection on top of the busyness that is school life! But what happens? Illness! Now, it’s actually a predictable pattern for me that for the first few days of a holiday, at the end of a whirlwind of a term, and actually most half terms too, I inevitably ‘crash’ and typically get a sore throat and a cold of some kind. Which is frustrating more than it is anything else. But this time, I’ve fought intense pain in my lower back and a rather harsh cough which has had me feeling pretty run-down and exhausted the whole holiday. Why am I sharing this? Because, as always in most things, there are lessons to be learnt and I’ve learnt yet another one!

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We are currently enjoying a few days away as part of our Spring holiday, staying in a caravan tucked up in the hills of the Dorset coast. Recently we have come to realise more and more that whenever we can, taking a few days out from the hustle and bustle and busyness of our everyday lives is needed, even essential. So here we are. Surrounded by beauty and peacefulness and time, in the palms of our hands. And while it’s lovely to have a break from meetings, appointments, projects, tasks, deadlines, emails, phone calls, housework and general everyday tasks, there is one thing I never want to get away from, because they mean the world to me and I love them with everything inside of me. My family. I am so blessed to have so many incredible people in my life – many true, valued and treasured friends and even more so, a wide, beautiful and extremely special family. The extent of how truly blessed I am by my whole family is a story for another time but every one of them completes me and I love them all from the very depths of my heart.

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