A Leap of Faith

Today, 12th April 2012, we took a drive along the winding road that maps itself along the Dorset coastline. The views were breathtaking and an absolute reminder that our country is incredibly beautiful. The road goes really high and as we drove I found myself looking across the rolling hills and valleys right down to the shore and the churning waves as they washed across the pebbles.

As I looked down I suddenly thought, this is how God sees things. He can look at the whole earth He created or He can focus on a country, a region, an area, a road, a house or an individual person. He cares. He designed the whole but He thought carefully about every single brushstroke as He created it. The detail. He made such an exquisite world for us to live in.

Today the weather was beautiful – blue sky, bright sunshine, the sea glittered and sparkled and the shadows of the trees danced in the gentle breeze. And I began wondering … who else is driving along this road thinking the same? Most people would comment on the weather being so lovely. But who else would notice the detail? The glittering? The sparkling? The sway of the individual branches? The sheer beauty of the whole scene? The very fact that God crafted and created all the fine details laid out in front of me, yet it is merely the tiniest fragment of the vastness and fullness of His complete creation? Sometimes it all just blows my mind.

I often notice the little things in life and wonder if I am the only one. I remember a few Summers ago, lying on the grass in the garden and an ant catching my eye. That ant held my full attention for a long time! I wondered where he had come from, where he was going, if he knew those answers himself, if he was being intentional while walking along in front of me, if he belonged to a whole community? I realise an ant is just an ant but God still created him! And life is all around us on all kinds of levels all of the time.

Anyway, why am I writing this? Because more and more I feel prompted to write my thoughts down so they don’t just get forgotten forever, so I can explore them further, find out if other people do think the same things I do and just to record and journal them for future reference. Because they all fit together to build a bigger picture.

So today is the start of a new little venture. A God venture. I am standing in the doorway to the blogging world, about to take a step of faith, wear my heart on my sleeve a little and share some life experiences, thoughts and lessons learnt so far!

Here goes, a ‘Leap of Faith’ has just been born!


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