A Lazy Sunday

Type ‘a traditional Sunday’ into any search engine and the first few pages all display links about making the perfect Sunday roast dinner. Sunday’s traditionally for us as a family were quiet days. I remember at a very young age, living in Wootton Bassett and regularly on a Sunday morning putting a pretty dress on, my best white furry coat (with a bright red lining!) and walking to church as a family. When we moved to Somerset, we didn’t go to church as often and being a staff nurse, mum would often be working, but Sundays were still quiet family days.

In recent years Sundays have become busy. A whirlwind of a day dashing from place to place and trying to fit in a million tasks. Being a primary school teacher means that work often spills out into the weekend and Sunday afternoons can often be taken up with marking, planning lessons and catching up with other household chores in preparation for the week ahead.

Having said that, Sunday mornings are my most treasured mornings of the week. Sunday mornings are for church. In August 2003, I began going to South Chard Church in Somerset. The story of how I came to that point is a whole other blog for a whole other time. But I will share it some day soon. I love my church with all my heart. The people are all truly beautiful and really are extended family. And I love God. It’s a privilege to be able to experience all that together and be in our historic church building, worshipping our truly amazing God surrounded by His amazing people.

Sunday mornings are full of peace and joy and love. Things tend to get a bit crazy and busy after church has finished. But today felt like a traditional quiet family Sunday from start to finish. And it was refreshing. This afternoon we went to my parents for a traditional roast dinner – roast pork complete with delicious salted crackling, roast potatoes, lots of vegetables and lashings of gravy followed by two of my favourite deserts, apple strudel and cherry pie with cream. And what was loveliest of all was we didn’t have to rush off straight after dinner. We sat around the table chatting and laughing and I was even able to creep up to my old bedroom to have an afternoon sleep.

The evening was spent having a cup of tea with more family and then coming home and having a hot bath, putting my pyjamas on and watching a couple of films. Bliss! From start to finish. A perfect Sunday. A great end to the weekend and a great way to walk in to the week ahead!


2 responses to “A Lazy Sunday

  • savedbyjesus7

    This was lovely to read Abi. As a child I lived in Broad Hinton, just a few miles from Wootton Bassett, and Sundays were about church as my dad was an Anglican vicar. Now Sundays at South Chard are THE highlight of the week, a day which sets me up and focuses me for the week ahead. Having been to many many churches over the years I have never known one to be so open to the move of the spirit of God. It’s a privilege to serve there with you. Keep the blogs coming!!! 🙂

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