Write, write, write!!

Over the last few days I have had so many people tell me to write, write, write!! I’ve been so totally blown away by the number of people that have read my blogs so far and the positive comments, feedback, encouragement and support I have received. Thank you all!

I made a promise to myself when I started that I would only write when inspired and when led to and I am determined to stay true to this. However, what I have realised is that there is always something to write about. Every single day, life goes on and the world keeps spinning. And every day has its little moments that need to be caught hold of, treasured and woven into memories, not to be forgotten. So often, we can easily find ourselves swept into the pace of life; hustle, bustle, schedules, meetings, phone calls, emails, deadlines and pressure. And in the midst of that, we can miss so much.

I do tend to notice the little things in life, I think I always have. I am often acutely sensitive to things going on around me. And I think because of this I do tend to naturally observe and intentionally take note of the little precious moments in my day, even if it all takes place in a few fleeting seconds. Often though, after a while they fall out of my head and become lost in the passing of time, which is where taking time to write a blog and reflect and create memories in writing is pure joy.

I’ve just started to write the story of me finding my birth parents which is something I have felt prompted to do for a long time. It has been an amazing journey filled with so many blessings and somehow needs sharing. This weekend you will mostly be able to find me in the corner of our local pub restaurant drinking cup upon cup of coffee, pouring my heart into my macbook as I let it flood out into words on a page.

But I know now what will also happen as I sit there. I will have moments where I will look up and around and notice the other people spending time there, families out together for a meal, a lunch to celebrate a special occasion, couples enjoying each other’s company, individuals grabbing a coffee, children playing in the play area, friends gathering for a relaxed weekend drink and I will think, what a great world we live in. A world filled with people, going about life, full of special moments and I will hope that some of them will be thinking the same, taking hold of the little things and remembering the little moments of joy that can be found in every single day if we would all only take the time to look.


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