Brushing My Teeth

Earlier this evening I was getting ready to nip over to our friends’ house for a relaxed evening, which basically meant putting clean pyjama bottoms and a jumper on, finding my slippers and brushing my teeth! You know, the sort of friends who are actually more like family, who you can just ‘be’ with, in your jammies, totally yourself and you’re safe. And while getting ready, brushing my teeth to be specific, casually leaning over the sink and glancing in the mirror, I felt this blog unfold in front of me in my thoughts.

The main thought was the fact that I love the fresh, clean feeling you get when you have just brushed your teeth. Love it. I actually brush my teeth quite often and think I may have just realised why! I like clean. I like tidy. I like ordered. I like fresh.

And the feeling went further than the brushing of teeth. I am powering through a deep spring clean of my house, which has been so overdue. I’ve been so frustrated and cross that the house hasn’t been tidy for months and for various reasons I haven’t been able to tackle it any more than a quick superficial tidy and a hoover around.

But in the Easter holiday I had some time and enough was enough. I do what I always do when I get my head into some serious cleaning – loud music and my lovely tin cleaning bucket filled with just about every cleaning product, duster and cloth you can think of. And off I set on my deep clean. The type of cleaning where every room gets scrubbed from top to bottom and cupboards and drawers get emptied and sorted and wiped out and reorganised. I realise this is a lot of peoples idea of a complete nightmare but when I’m in the zone and finish another room, another cupboard, the feeling of everything being clean and fresh and tidy and ordered is totally satisfying and refreshing!

So, I’ve finished the whole of downstairs, every room, the downstairs cupboard, the cupboard under the stairs and yesterday scrubbed the bathroom, sorted the guest room and tidied and refolded everything in the airing cupboard! Today I started on the last two rooms and haven’t finished but the end is nigh! I’ve thrown out a number of black bags of accumulated junk and rubbish (where does it all come from?) and it feels good.

As I stood in front of the mirror earlier, brushing my teeth, experiencing the feeling of clean freshness, I reflected also on my productivity in the last week or so in deep cleaning the house. And realised that all of this spills over into general life. Every once in a while, we need a good deep clean ourselves, to take time out to reflect on what we’re doing, where we are and where we are aiming for. We need to make sure we have every thing in order, that our priorities are right, that we throw out anything we have picked up that we don’t need or is unhelpful – anxiety, worry, fear, condemnation, insecurity, under confidence to name just a few. We need to reassess and declutter so that we are able to walk through life feeling refreshed, organised, free and full of energy!!

And on getting to that thought, my three minutes of toothbrushing was over and I was out the door, wondering if anyone else would ever have such random thoughts from simply cleaning their teeth and glancing in the mirror …


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