Long time, no blog.

Long time, no blog. Correct. The reason? No time! Which ironically hinges the gap from my last blog!

The last few weeks have been filled with a trip to Northampton, an escape to Wales, four birthdays, my Dad disappearing to Ghana for ten days on a mission trip, a week of navigating my class of children through their SATs tests, our 21st century women’s conference, two ridiculously early mornings, an early morning walk to see the Olympic torch and a million and one other things; marking, paperwork, emails, phone calls and meetings at work and housework, washing, cleaning, more school work and other chores and tasks at home.

I’ve missed writing. I’ve been desperately wanting to find some time out to be able to go to oneof my quiet, peaceful places, drink coffee, type into my computer and release all the words that are within me. And I’ve not been able to. And now there is almost too much to get out without it all cascading into a rambling tangle of thoughts, feelings and experiences.

I’m writing and working on a few articles at the moment but none of them are quite ready. I’ve started part two of ‘An Adoption Tale’ and in doing so, have realised there are going to be more parts than I originally thought. I’m working on an other article called ‘Cultivating Confidence’ which I started several months ago now, and I’m also writing and documenting another very personal journey I’m on that seems to be forming more into a potential book. But therein lies the problem.

I am not very good at juggling too many balls in the air at the same time! I am made to work logically and systematically. Yes, I can think outside the box, yes I can be creative and I have a side that loves to be free and outrageous but in the midst of it all I like to know where I’m generally heading. I need to know the rough plan, outline and ultimate goal, much to the amusement of some of my loved ones.

I clean the house systematically, I put clothes in the wardrobe according to type, all facing the same way, I categorise and colour-code things into systems, the list goes on. It does have to be said though, in other ways I can be totally disorganised and I often do live life literally flying by the seat of my pants! But where I thrive is when I have a challenge or task to solve and fulfil and the freedom and focus to work on it solidly, channelling my time and energy into it, through to completion.

Somehow, I’ve found myself with three writing projects on the go and none of them finished. So I’m holding myself accountable here. I am pledging to have at least one finished and published in the next two weeks. I’m going to fight and make time for writing, for some ‘me’ time, because writing time is relaxing time. And if I don’t manage, you have full permission to challenge me. This writer is loosely in her reader’s hands!


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