The Little Things

It’s the little things that make the world go around. Such a cliche but actually there really is truth in it.

I tend to notice the little things anyway but this week has been crammed with little things, which is rather ironic as it’s been a week filled to the brim with ‘stuff’, where at times I feel like I’ve had to remind myself even to breathe, where I’ve found myself just wishing there was one more hour in the day so I could just get a few more things done as well as wishing for another two hours in the night so I can catch up on some much needed sleep!

The Summer term at school is deceptive, it lulls you into a false sense of thinking things are winding down for the Summer and then leaps from nowhere and throws all kinds of things at you … transfer meetings with secondary schools, a school play (song learning, singing practices, children coming and going, prop-making, rehearsing etc), days out, annual review meetings, report writing, organisation on a mass scale for taking 63 children away for a week to camp at the end of term, replying to the hundreds of emails that seem to arrive every day and build up, phone calls, more meetings, presentations … and all that on top of still teaching 31 children something new every day and keeping on top of every day planning and marking! And that’s all before even thinking about life outside of school. My church responsibilities, housework, washing and keeping friends and family happy!

But in the midst of all the busyness, I’ve treasured the little things. And there have been lots. Moments of spun gold threading themselves throughout my days creating beauty and sparkle, causing me to smile and laugh and appreciate life outside of the cacophony of colour that is everyday busy life.

So, come on then … what are the little things? Good question!

The little things are …

… spending an evening where your dad, sister, stepmum and all their friends are camping and during the evening having a moment when you look around the tent you’re all sitting and chilling in and thinking, a couple of years ago I hadn’t met any of them, yet I’m here and it’s easy and natural and I wouldn’t swap it for the world;

… sitting on the edge of the stage at church after the Sunday morning service and having one of your best friend’s two year old daughter run over to come say hello and give you a hug, then spend a good ten minutes entertaining themselves by playing peekaboo by hiding behind your back;

… drinking in every rare second of a morning where you shut off from work, stay in bed, open the curtains and the windows, let the breeze and sunshine pour into the room and read and read and read a book that you cannot put down and allows you to escape from the world for a few treasured hours;

… looking after your nieces for an evening, giving them dinner, having bath time, reading stories, laughing, giggling and then, while sitting quietly and drying their hair ready for bed, thinking how precious they are and wondering if you’ll ever have evenings like this with your own children;

… being in school with 31 children in front of you hanging on your every word as you read them a poem and then all falling about laughing when you get to the funny bit;

… having one of the children in your class (who has gotten under your skin the most because you have invested extra time and energy, shown you believe in them, and as a result they’ve worked their socks off, progressed in leaps and bounds and more importantly, begun to believe in themselves) come up to you and practically sit in your lap to quietly tell you they want to stay with you as a teacher next year and aren’t sure they’re ready for ‘big school’;

… the moment you’re walking nervously down a hospital corridor and without saying anything, you feel the hand holding yours squeeze it to let you know everything’s going to be alright;

… receiving a text that makes you smile when you’re just about to cry;

… receiving a text that makes you cry because you’re happy for the friend that sent it;

… going to celebrate a friend’s birthday and letting your hair down with your amazing friends, laughing all evening and suddenly being aware you are in the same room as some pretty awesome, albeit crazy people you are lucky enough to call friends.

The list goes on. I am so blessed. And I am so grateful that I know I am blessed, that I don’t let the little things pass me by without noticing them. Because sometimes in the busyness of life, they are the things that make the difference, that bring a smile to your day, that put things back into perspective, that help you realise what is important, that make the world go around. Or more importantly, that make your world go around!


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