Monthly Archives: July 2012

Stepping Out The Comfort Zone

Earlier this week, on route to my parent’s house, I saw a seagull casually walking down the road. He didn’t look as if he had just landed, or like he was about to take flight. He simply looked like he had just decided to have a nice walk along the pavement to enjoy the sunshine. There were no other seagulls around and for that matter, no other people or cars in sight, except for us. The scene just seemed so very random and out of place and for that reason captured and held my attention and thoughts for a while.

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What a Week!

This time last week, I was ironing, packing and getting ready to take 53 children away on a residential camp for four days. This year was my eighth camp and over those years we’ve taken around 480 children with us to three different centres to do activities such as canoeing, abseiling, climbing, surfing, high ropes, bodyboarding, archery and team building activities.

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