BE Inspired!

I love feeling inspired. Actually, no. I love BEING inspired.

There is a key difference between ‘feeling’ and ‘being’. So often I will say ‘I feel this way …’ or ‘I feel that way …‘ What I’ve realised is that my feelings change all the time according to the things around me – my personal mood, the weather, how people treat me, good things happening in life, less good things happening in life. And I often let those things infiltrate my whole being and allow them to dictate how I ‘feel’.

One such thing? Confidence. My inner confidence and belief in myself and my abilities. There are things I have done in my life that I look back and wonder if it was really me. And there are things still, that I haven’t yet done, that I hope and pray one day I will have the confidence to achieve. Because confidence really isn’t a feeling. It’s a state of being. For me, there are three sources that provide confidence in my life; myself, others and God.

I started writing an in depth article on confidence about a year ago now and have yet to finish but have felt inspiration this week to pick up my pen and go finish it.

I have had several injections of inspiration recently. I walked in to an old antique bookstore earlier this week, which to me, is like being a kid in a sweet shop. Rows and rows of beautiful books lining shelf upon shelf; first editions, children’s books, recipe books, classic novels, history books … all well-thumbed and read by goodness knows how many different people over the years. And I felt inspired. To somehow believe that one day my deep down ambition to write a book will become a reality.

As I came away the doubts began, ‘You aren’t able to do that!’, ‘What on earth would you write about?’, ‘What do you have to say to the world?’, ‘Who would read it?’.

Later that evening, I went on the internet to access my calendar on and purely by accident typed in the wrong URL and found myself on I couldn’t do anything but smile at the timing – I believe everything has a perfect time and a season. Flashing up on the screen were the words ‘ – What next? Inspiration for your career’! Now, I’m not thinking of a complete career change but … I certainly do feel the growing confidence to at least strive to fulfill my dreams and ambitions. To believe that I am able. And there are a lot. So I’ve started writing my bucket list. A list of things I want to achieve in life. It’s not ready for revealing yet because I’m still adding to it, but some day I may share it, along with my original article on confidence.

So. Today. Do one thing. Go find some inspiration and begin to believe that you can. That you are able. That you have the ability to make things happen and change your world. Be inspired!


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