The Big Things

Back in June I wrote a blog titled ‘The Little Things’. It centered around the importance of the little things in life. The things that might be overlooked if you blink, but … if you keep your eyes open and catch them, they can turn your whole day around and make you shine with joy. I believe in the power of the little things.

What I didn’t mention are the big things. The things that fill life up, the things that capture our time, our effort, our passion, our love, the things that inhabit our world on a large scale and if they suddenly went missing, would leave a huge, significant  void.

I have three big things in my world. My faith, my family and my friends. Everything meaningful to me fits into one, or even more of these categories. I am so blessed. Blessed to have a big almighty, powerful and faithful God, blessed beyond measure with my family who are all amazingly awesome (and I don’t use the word casually – I am literally in awe of every single one of them) and blessed to have the most beautiful friends, many of which are like family and mean the world to me.

Whereas the little things are the tiny gold sparkly moments in life that happen every single day and can be missed if we blink, the big things are the things in life that equally can be missed because they are there every day and we can so easily take them for granted.

About a month or so ago I experienced a 24 hour window where suddenly everything was put into perspective. My dad had a health scare, which resulted in everything being just fine but from the time I got the phone call from Mum giving me a heads up that it had the potential to be quite serious, to the following day when he was near enough given the all clear by the hospital, I travelled a journey of worry, anxiety, appreciation, thanksgiving, fear and general tearfulness.

Suddenly, one of the big things in life, one of the steady rocks, was potentially a bit wobbly and depending on the outcome the following day, my little world could have been turned upside down. My parents dealt with the whole thing perfectly, showing no real worry and telling me not to do so either, instilling peace and dampening the potential ‘drama’ of the situation, and they were right to do so. The following day we found all was as well as could be and instantaneously relief, joy and more appreciation and thanksgiving flowed.

What did I learn? A little lesson on never ever taking the big things for granted. As a daughter, no matter how old I get, I realise I will always need my parents but that I should treasure every moment I have with them in the here and now. The same for the other special people in my life. Because at the end of the day life is about the people you live it with. The people you interact with every single day and who you walk the highs and lows of life with. Those who you can cry with, laugh with, have fun with, sit in comfortable silence with, those that without, life just would not be the same.

I am so blessed to have so many of them, friends I went to school with, friends I went to university with, friends I work with, friends I have made through knowing God, friends that go so far back in time we know each other inside out and back to front, friends I haven’t known for half as long but who I can’t remember life without. Friends that I would trust my life with. And I love every single one of them.

Go tell someone special today that you love them!


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