The Perfect Job?

Perfect JobI am currently on board a flight from Bulgaria to London, England.

On boarding the plane and finding my seat, 2A, at the very front of the aircraft, I couldn’t help but be drawn in to watching and listening to the two air hostesses as they went about their work. I love watching people wherever I am – they never fail to intrigue and interest me. Studying for my degree in Psychology further fuelled my curiosity and fascination with the human brain and how it works – why people behave and think the way they do and the sheer incredible fact that every single one is different and no two people operate in exactly the same way.

As I watched and listened, I got further drawn in to thinking about the job of a air hostess. It involves a great and rigorous amount of training and let’s face it, a bad day could change your life forever filling it with it with horror and trauma but, in the realistic and very normal daily routine it can look very appealing and glamorous … paid to look smart and beautiful, an abundance of free travel, opportunities to jet-set around the world and visit a whole array of different countries, working with a team of other happy employees and sharing in friendly ‘in-flight’ banter as you go about your tasks.

The reality, as observed today, is one of paperwork, checking details and numbers, working in tight rigmarole and with strict monotonous routines, serving passengers and cleaning aircrafts. And, while yes, travelling to different countries – actually  never seeing the places you end up in but rather cleaning and preparing the plane for a quick turnaround to where you have just come from, or an overnight stay, desperately trying to catch up on sleep before the next shift the following day. Our flight today left early and one conversation between the two hostesses consisted of one of them working out that we would be back in London twenty minutes ahead of schedule which would help with her get back to her car and make an appointment she had on time without turning up late, which she had assumed she would be.

So. My question is, is there a truly perfect job for anyone? Where every single day you spring up out of bed, excited and desperate to get to work because you love your job so much?

Or. Is it always a case of the grass is always greener? We dream of that perfect job, but if we were actually doing it, would we love it as much as we thought we would?

I know people that truly hate their jobs and dread going to work, people that genuinely enjoy their jobs and people that are indifferent and see work purely as a necessity to make money in order to enjoy life. I also know people where life seems to only be work. In every case however, to a greater or lesser extent, I also hear grumblings of various sorts; having to get up too early in the mornings, that horrible Monday morning feeling, feeling tired all the time, not enough holidays, not being appreciated … to name but a few!

Now.  I do enjoy my job. But it’s not a job I intentionally sought, I more so fell into it. And, for the most part, I think I’m good at it! I love having a class of children to care for, look after, nuture, teach and I take the responsibility seriously of doing everything I can to help motivate and equip them for what they will go on to do and facilitate them reaching their potential in life. It’s interesting each year asking the children what they want to do when they are older – children’s perceptions of what jobs entail is generally so innocent and simplistic!

So. While I am sure for a blessed few, there are people who genuinely delight every day in what they do and going to work, there are far more who have a love/hate relationship with their job. And it made me think, sometimes it’s all in our perception and thinking that we are trapped – there is always something that can be done to make life that little bit better – a change in thought, a decision to make a change , so why not;

  •   Appreciate what you have! Having a job is a blessing and provides a degree of purpose and financial security.
  •   Decide to be excellent! Do what you to the very best of your ability, add value and be a vessel of joy!
  •   Be pro-active! Don’t get stuck in monotony. Commit to learning and developing as far as you can go!
  •   Be open! If you’ve lost your motivation, make some decisions to change what is necessary to ignite your passion!

I’m currently in a place of evaluation – challenging myself to really think and pray about what I want out of life. Already, life is going to look very different for me in September but I think that’s only going to be the beginning of things working out so I can achieve everything in my heart and strike a balance between the various areas of my life. So, why not do the same? What can you do get the most job satisfaction and enjoyment from life?


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