Monthly Archives: October 2013

Tutoring Ella

8566_10151565125995703_2034252375_nI’ve missed my not-so-little niece this week. She’s a ten year old girl of beauty, thoughtfulness, sensitivity and wonder. For the last six weeks I’ve been tutoring her once a week in English and Maths to help prepare her for her year 6 SATs which she’ll be taking in May and it’s only through her absence this week that I’ve realised how much value she brings to my week and how much I enjoy spending the time with her. It’s proving to be truly invaluable for the both of us.

She’s currently away at camp on a school residential for the week and although it’s pretty much been raining non-stop, I know she will have had a great time away being all adventurous and feeling all grown-up, away from home with all her friends for a week. Continue reading


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