Breaking The Writing Void

Writing Void picIt’s been a long time. A long long time. I’ve been in the writing void. And the longer you’re there, the harder it is to get out. You find a cosy place to hide and switch off, you source good coffee, you sit down, determined to finally write and … nothing comes. You tell yourself you are going to stay and not move until you’ve written something … and still nothing comes. So you procrastinate. Your mind wanders and thoughts take over, things you should have done, things you should be doing, things you need to do, mindless random thoughts.

You quietly people-watch and wonder where they have all come from, where they’re all going on to, you watch friends interact, a man reading a newspaper, business meetings taking place, a couple of old men playing a game of dominos and exchanging stories, you do anything but write. Most of the time, you drink countless cups of coffee and eventually breathe a sigh, pack up your things and go home, once again feeling awash with frustration. But today, today is different. Today you are resolutely determined. No matter what unfolds, no matter what words come out, no matter what inhabits your mind, you will let it spill out on to the page.

So here I am. Breaking the writing void. And now it’s been broken, the creative waters can flow … and we can only wait to see what comes out.

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