Summer Hopes

FullSizeRender 3Write. Just write. Just write something they keep saying. So I’m writing. Whatever comes out. 

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and I’m sitting on the steps in my parents’ garden while they are off holidaying in Cape Verde. To be quite honest, it’s so beautiful sitting here for a minute that it’d rival many oversees places right now. Warm sun, blue sky, the odd whispy cloud, an array of bright and flourishing flowers, birds singing … and apart from that, nothing. Just peace. No traffic, no people, no voices … nothing. 

It’s rare. But it’s refreshing. 

Life is busy. Life is noisy. Life is timetables and schedules and lists and activities and work. It’s a thrill. It’s a rollercoaster. 

But it’s also quiet. It’s organic. It’s peaceful. It’s forgetting time for a few minutes. 

It’s a coffee break sitting in the garden. It’s choosing not to answer the phone. It’s going outside and taking in a few slow deep breaths of fresh air. It’s watching a bird fly over and imagining that sort of freedom. It’s feeling warm sunshine on your face and anticipating what the summer will bring. 

And then it’s washing up the coffee cup. It’s answering the phone. It’s hearing the car door slam and the doorbell ring. It’s watching the bird fly out of sight. But it’s also realising that summer is coming. And there will be more moments in the sun to come.

Happy Saturday everyone! 


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