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Shine Your Light

12662492_10153260881005703_2210052445780371121_nIt’s been half term and as usual, absolutely choc-a-block, yet I’ve┬ástill not managed to fit in quite as much or seen quite as many people as I have wanted to! Despite that, I’ve had a jam-packed wonderful week full of adventure, fun, laughter, friends and family. This afternoon I was finally able to unwind and relax and as I had an early bath, pulled on fresh pyjamas, poured a glass of wine and watched a film, I found myself finally stopping and reflecting on the whirlwind I’ve been living in for the last eight days.

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Blowing Away The Cobwebs


Today I blew away some cobwebs in more ways than one.

I haven’t written for a long time and it’s been even longer than that since I’ve written with any kind of regularity. In that time a few things have changed. Well, actually a lot has changed. I’ve changed my car, added to my shoe collection and bought a coffee machine, all of which have brought no end of happiness and new experiences to my life. It’s true to say there have been some other changes too but we don’t need to talk about those. Continue reading

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