Blowing Away The Cobwebs


Today I blew away some cobwebs in more ways than one.

I haven’t written for a long time and it’s been even longer than that since I’ve written with any kind of regularity. In that time a few things have changed. Well, actually a lot has changed. I’ve changed my car, added to my shoe collection and bought a coffee machine, all of which have brought no end of happiness and new experiences to my life. It’s true to say there have been some other changes too but we don’t need to talk about those. A few things have recently caused my writing ashes to start reigniting again and I’ve spent this week gently blowing on them to get to this place where I’m here actually putting pen to paper. A friend of mine recently started writing a blog and I’ve found myself going out of my way to check for any new posts as I’ve genuinely enjoyed reading someone else’s words. It has also reawakened my own love for words and I found myself in London at the weekend buying stationery to inspire me and for the first time in a long time, recognising the little things that happen in a day that could inspire some writing.

London is one of my most favourite places in the whole world. I love it. It’s a place where you never know what you’ll find around the corner, where you can fit in with the crowd or stand out from the crowd and you’re still accepted, where culture and diversity are celebrated, where you can be swept up in the busy chaos one minute and walking through a quiet park the next, where you’ll find history and talent and creativity everywhere and where, for me, life becomes more intentional. I found plenty of inspiration for writing and have wanted to write all week.

So I decided to blow away the cobwebs. Spring arrived today. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and I decided to wrap up warm and make my journey to see a friend in my car with the roof down. There really is no better feeling. The wind in your face, your hair blowing about carefree, the sound of the engine and the road, the rush of feeling at one with the elements. I arrived feeling refreshed and invigorated, had a lovely time and then did the same on the way back, stopping for a photograph just before home.

And here we are. The beginning of a new season … Spring has sprung. And so has my desire to write so it seems.




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