The Honour of Daughtering

10458037_10152071427615703_1923623355232397623_nIt’s the 1st of July. The first day of a new month. The midpoint of the year. The day we should really be able to say Summer has come. It’s also my parents’ wedding anniversary. Their 44th anniversary to be precise. And, as their daughter I’m incredibly proud of that. Everyday, I class myself as blessed that I was fortunate enough for them to become my parents and I love the fact they’ve made it this far together through life. Because life isn’t easy for anyone.

It’s a journey of highs and lows, laughter and tears, births and deaths, challenges and experiences to name just a few. And in the trials of life, really what gets each and every one of us through are the people we choose to inhabit our world with. The people that underneath the times of frustration, annoyance, niggles and grumbles, we love the very bones of! The people that weather our storms, that walk with us, that show true unconditional love, that don’t judge, that forgive and that choose us because we are worth walking through life with.

People who tick that box can come from many walks of life, often unexpected; childhood friends that last the course, school, university, church, work, people we meet along life’s path. And for my parents that was literally the case, I love their story.

My dad was driving with a friend of his along a road and came across two girls who were hitchhiking along the same road. My dad’s friend suggested they pull over and pick them up. My dad suggested they didn’t! Conversation obviously ensued between the two boys because seconds later they pulled over and my dad laid eyes on my mum for the first time – the rest, as they say is history!

But, what isn’t history, what’s in the here and now is that though they’ve gone through troubled times, they’ve weathered the storms and they’ve stayed together. And for that, I’m grateful because they’ve taught me the real meaning of family and many people miss out on that experience. And, for that matter, not just me. They’ve fostered, they’ve officially adopted and they’ve unofficially adopted. They’ve taken people into their home and the people that call them mum and dad reach further than just my sister and I. They are truly special people and even in these few words I haven’t really touched the surface on the depths of their goodness but what I do know, is I’m blessed beyond words and consider it an honour being able to call myself their daughter.




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