Be a Goal Digger

Goal Digger
I thrive when I’m being productive. I thrive when I’m achieving. I thrive when I’m under pressure. I thrive when I’m up against a challenge. I thrive because I’m a person that likes to do, that likes to be active and likes to be purposeful in life.

Don’t get me wrong. There are times when like the best of us, I like to curl up on the sofa under a blanket with chocolate and a movie and forget the busy outside world for a while. But ultimately I was made to be productive. 

It’s a Sunday afternoon and the night before I am beginning a 9 day detox programme. No caffeine, no refined sugar, no processed food; just fresh fruit and vegetables, wholewheat pasta or rice and chicken and salmon. Not to my mention my trusted aloe vera drinking gel as an essential and a protein shake here and there! I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to feeling healthier and fitter, I’m looking forward to having more energy and I’m looking forward to making myself do some regular daily exercise. And, during the week it’s also my plan to use the clarity of mind I’ll have, to write down and commit to paper what I want to achieve over the Summer months ahead.

I already have some ideas but when I’ve formulated the list, I’ll blog in order to record my hopes and aspirations. There is something of value for many of us in writing things down and committing our words to paper that somehow brings focus and reality and causes us to act. No one wants to fail. So we rise up and become people who go for it, if only because our competitive natures won’t let us be beaten by our very own selves.

So my challenge to you is, what are your hopes and aspirations for this Summer? What do you want to achieve? So many of us have real desires in our hearts and we sit on them and suppress and put them in a box because we don’t believe in ourselves enough, we find excuses, we convince ourselves they’ll only ever be pipe dreams and we talk ourselves out of making them real.

Instead, we need to open the box, dig them out, dust them off, write them down and do whatever we need to to achieve them. The simply reality is that all we need is belief, commitment and perseverance. If we find our faith in those three things, every one of us will hit gold in our lives!




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