An Autumn Catch-Up

writing-toolsI’ve done it again. I meant to write but I didn’t.

I meant to write about the time I was driving to work, was stopped in traffic and through the hazy early morning sunshine saw a rabbit munching on grass by the side of the road. I meant to write about how in that moment I admired that rabbit for having no fear whatsoever, for nonchalantly ignoring all the cars, lorries and loud motorcycles that were driving past and for merely getting on with the task in hand, breakfast.

I meant to write about the time in the summer when I went up to London to spend a few days with some dear friends and spent a perfect Sunday afternoon laying in a park in Ealing after eating a huge carvery roast dinner and how the four of us just lay on the grass in silence, enjoying the sun on our faces and watching the clouds gently breaking up the blue sky, not saying a word, just enjoying the company and the moment.

I meant to write about the golden moments I’ve had over the last couple of months achieving things I never thought possible, how through a bit of determination and perseverance and hard work, I managed to get promoted up the marketing plan of Forever and win a small business award for significant growth in my little business.

I meant to write about how last weekend I spend some treasured time with my nan and how sometimes unexpectedly beautiful moments can come from nowhere but will stay in your heart forever.

I meant to write about how, despite usually struggling with birthdays, this year’s was made memorable by a few special people going over and above to make sure I was totally spoilt and loved over a magical few days involving a dinner by the sea, dinner with the parents, a visit to an aquarium, a late night cake, some beautiful gifts and more amazing shoe-related cards than ever before!

I meant to write about the sheer joy of spending a precious couple of hours having afternoon tea with my sister who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years and the evening spent chatting away to an old university friend who I’d not seen for even longer. Sometimes you blink and life goes by so quickly. The people you can just pick up with like you saw them yesterday are the ones to not leave behind.

I meant to write about the time I laughed until I cried with my two nieces in Wetherspoons when Megan decided she could eat ten jalapeño peppers and ended up dancing around the room not knowing what to do with herself.

I meant to write about all these things. Because that’s what I do, I write about life. I write about the things that happen,the things I think, the things I see. And when I remind myself of that, I realise there is always something that needs writing about. I will no longer mean to write. I will write. 


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