Walking The Tightrope of Perspective

img_6751Perspective. A way of regarding or seeing something. It sounds so simple, so easy. But maintaining and holding the right perspective sometimes can be so difficult. I took these two photographs at the beach back in the Summer and have often reflected on how important it is to hold the right perspective at the right time.

Sometimes it’s important to live in the here and now, to look at what is right in front of you, to notice the detail, to not miss a thing. So often we let the little things pass us by and we shouldn’t. The smile you share across a crowded room with a loved one, the taste of a beautifully cooked meal, the smell of the lavender plant at the end of the garden, the old lady across the road struggling with her bags of shopping, the child asking for a bedtime story. Recently, I heard a quote from someone who said, “When you’re in the room, be in the room.” I love that. In the age we are in of technology, it is so easy to be in a room but not be there and I am as guilty as anyone at this at times. But my mind sharpened at that quote. The people I am with in the course of my day deserve the best of me and the best of my time.

Sometimes the here and now is bigger than just noticing the little things, sometimes it’s a worry. We can become anxious about something that’s happening in our immediate world, or even something that isn’t happening. We can become fixated and develop unhealthy mindsets, losing sight of the bigger picture. We focus on the things that are close and we forget that that isn’t the only perspective. We can forget that things will at some point move on, that things will be overcome, that today’s worry will be forgotten at some point in the passing of time. That’s not to say new challenges won’t come but everything is part of a bigger journey and life will be a journey of ups and downs.

Sometimes our perspective just needs to be zoomed out. We need to broaden our horizons, focus not in the here and now but remember we have a future, that there is more and that everything will fall into place eventually as we continue journeying through the jigsaw that is life.

The challenge is walking the tightrope between the two, learning to recognise when to focus in close and when to zoom out and look further away. But when we do learn, what we will achieve is a greater peace, greater wisdom and greater insight into how we should best deal with situations.

So my question, to myself and to you, is how good are we at holding the right perspective at the right time? Walk the tightrope successfully and achieve the best life has to give.



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