Love One Another Every Day

Love One AnotherThe sun is shining. The sky is blue. The clocks have gone forward and it’s officially Spring. This puts a smile on everyone’s face!

It’s also Mothering Sunday. A day where you go on Facebook and see a newsfeed filled with people showing love, honour and gratefulness to the wonderful people they get to call ‘Mum’ in their life. Controversially, I have mixed feelings over the whole notion but please don’t shoot me down in flames yet! I will always be in favour of honouring people full stop. In fact I truly believe that every single person walking the Earth, no matter what their story, has something within them that is worthy of being honoured and celebrated. There are so many people that go about everyday life, sacrificing things daily, working hard and giving the best of themselves to their families who would say that’s just what you do, it’s nothing special, it’s just a part of life. But life is hard, struggles are real and everyone deserves their moment where they feel truly loved, appreciated, and valued for what they bring to the table and what they give to others. 

No doubt today, there will be mothers of all ages and generations of families spending the day together, showing love, appreciation and thankfulness to each other. And that is something to be celebrated, something precious. A day to be treasured.

But, just down the road, in another house, on another street, you have those, that on a day like today become a little more broken, a little more isolated. Those who have lost their own mother, those who have a fractious relationship with their mother, those who have no relationship with her at all, those who will never experience the joy of a happy and healthy mother / child relationship, those so very desperate to become mothers themselves and be greeted with a card and flowers on this day from their own child, who each month face the pain once again that the answer is still ‘not yet’, those who have lost a child, those that choose not to have children and are constantly questioned by a non-understanding society as to why, the list goes on …

I consider myself most definitely blessed when it comes to mothers but I am not without my own painful experiences of this day, for reasons more than one.

Being adopted, I am in such a privileged position where I have an abundance of parents (we all often joke that it takes a big tag-team to keep an eye on me!) and because of that, I have several women in my life who I will always treasure dearly. My adoptive mother is one of the most hard-working, sacrificial, loving, loyal, non-judgemental, accepting (I could go on and on!) people you could ever meet and I truly feel like I could never honour her in my life enough. She is worthy of every day being Mother’s Day!

I also am so very lucky to have met and become real family with my biological mother and biological father, who are no longer together, but introduced wider family to me including step-parents and a brother and sister (on my mum’s side) and a sister (on my dad’s side). And these people, every single one of them have impacted me and my life. They all have back-stories, now-stories, are so very inspirational to me and I am very thankful indeed to be able to call them my family. I also have several other mother figures out in the big wide world as I think many of us do. Those people where there is a bit of a generation gap and they take you under their wing and treat you like one of their own.

At the end of the day, what am I trying to say? Well, I’m saying, treasure every single moment, spend time with your mothers and loved ones while you can, build, mend and heal relationships wherever possible. Do it today but not just because it’s Mothering Sunday and society tells you to, do it as often as you can. And. Remember that today can cause pain for many. Open your eyes to those precious ones, love them, bring them in to your world, show them love and appreciation where you can.

And let’s bring everyone together this Mother’s Day. Happy Sunday everyone!


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