About … me?!!

Well, a few years ago I was trundling through life quietly, minding my own business and somehow, I found myself suddenly submerged in the world of blogging, have taken a break for a couple of years … and am now returning to see what comes out the end of my pen as I write!

And, so apparently I have to have some information on a page headed ‘About’ … about me. Writing about myself and who I am is the most unnatural thing to me in the whole world. But it has made me ask myself a few questions. Who am I? What defines me? What do I have to share with the world?

These questions are all the more poignant now, seeming how life has changed so very much in the last couple of years, and if I’m honest I’m not sure of the answers! But one thing I am sure of is that life is journey and despite the challenges, it needs to be seized, embraced and lived to its fullest!

Family and friends matter to me more than anything. I have had a very privileged upbringing. I was adopted as a baby and brought up in a very secure and loving family with my adopted sister, happy, content and not lacking any thing at all. We are all very close and I am constantly reminded of how amazing my parents are. In the last three years, I have found and met both my biological parents and have incredibly fantastic and loving relationships with both of them, far beyond any expectations I may have had. I also have found I have two half-sisters and a half-brother who are all amazing and in all of them, I can see parts of myself. I have been so blessed by how all the pieces of the jigsaw have fitted together and how naturally I’ve found there is room and love for everyone in my heart.

Equally I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for. Friends that you know will be around forever. Friends you might not see or talk to for a while but when you do, it’s like you saw them only yesterday. Friends that know me sometimes more than I even know myself. Friends that have grown up with me, friends that have joined along the way. Friends that I owe so much to and will never ever take for granted.

I am a primary school teacher and currently teach Year 4, after having taught Year 6 for eight years and Year 5 for two. Whilst I fell into teaching and never pursued it as a career, I love my job with all my heart because of the children. I love that I can make a difference and have an impact on thirty little lives every year and teach them knowledge and skills that will equip them for life. I have a particular soft spot for naughty boys, finding out what makes them tick, recognising their strengths and helping them to channel their abilities and energy in positive ways!

Business Owner
In February of 2016, I started my own business working with a well established family run company called Forever Living, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. I fell in love with the ethics and ethos of the company who produce high quality aloe vera based products from the growth and cultivation of the plants at source right through to the end products on the shelf. The benefits of aloe date back hundreds of year and my belief in the products coupled with the drive and determination to build a business in addition to my teaching, has led me to so far achieving my first promotion and winning a small business award in September 2016. My retail customer base is constantly growing and I am now building my own team as a business coach and mentor, helping others to achieve their own success in the company.

I love life. I love the people in my life and I do consider myself enormously blessed. I have experienced difficulties, heartbreak, tests and trials, like we all do in life but I have also experienced love, joy, happiness, laughter and the most fun! It is simply my hope that in sharing a little slice of my life, past and present in these blogs, they may bring encouragement, reassurance and determination to power through the rat race of life, because at the end of the day, we’re all in it together!


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