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Shine Your Light

12662492_10153260881005703_2210052445780371121_nIt’s been half term and as usual, absolutely choc-a-block, yet I’ve still not managed to fit in quite as much or seen quite as many people as I have wanted to! Despite that, I’ve had a jam-packed wonderful week full of adventure, fun, laughter, friends and family. This afternoon I was finally able to unwind and relax and as I had an early bath, pulled on fresh pyjamas, poured a glass of wine and watched a film, I found myself finally stopping and reflecting on the whirlwind I’ve been living in for the last eight days.

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Mexican Travels

1147679_10151504608030703_989702264_oEnd of a holiday. For the most part; a time of switching off, resting, lying in the sun, swimming, drinking cocktails and a little bit of shopping in the Cancun Plazas, surrounded by clear blue seas and blazing sunshine. But the end of a holiday and the journey home can always be a little bit flat. Knowing that every mile travelled is taking you that little bit closer back to life’s reality.

And this journey home was particularly horrendous. Two flights … one four hour from Cancun to New York, one six hour from New York to London. I was ill. Actually very ill. And every mile counted. Continue reading

Flying Home

Right now I am in flight.

On board an aeroplane flying over the Irish Sea from Belfast International to Bristol International airport. I used to love flying, without exception. I still do absolutely love short haul, daytime flights but anything else isn’t quite so thrilling any more!

It’s first thing in the morning. I watched the sun rise at dawn as I sleepily sipped coffee in the departure lounge and boarded the flight in bright early morning sunshine and blue sky – and I’ve been reminded once again just how beautiful the world we live in really is.

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Time Out

One little word. Four little letters. One massive concept. TIME.

You can’t see it, you can’t smell it, you can’t taste it, you can’t touch it … but you can ‘feel’ it.

You feel it when everything in you is willing it to speed up. You feel it when everything in you is willing it to slow down. You feel it when everything in you is just willing it to stop altogether, just so you can pause and catch your breath or just savour and drink in every detail of a special moment.

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Holiday Health Blues

The Easter break. Two weeks holiday. A teacher’s reward for working so hard during a term that has included an Ofsted inspection on top of the busyness that is school life! But what happens? Illness! Now, it’s actually a predictable pattern for me that for the first few days of a holiday, at the end of a whirlwind of a term, and actually most half terms too, I inevitably ‘crash’ and typically get a sore throat and a cold of some kind. Which is frustrating more than it is anything else. But this time, I’ve fought intense pain in my lower back and a rather harsh cough which has had me feeling pretty run-down and exhausted the whole holiday. Why am I sharing this? Because, as always in most things, there are lessons to be learnt and I’ve learnt yet another one!

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