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Be a Goal Digger

Goal Digger
I thrive when I’m being productive. I thrive when I’m achieving. I thrive when I’m under pressure. I thrive when I’m up against a challenge. I thrive because I’m a person that likes to do, that likes to be active and likes to be purposeful in life.

Don’t get me wrong. There are times when like the best of us, I like to curl up on the sofa under a blanket with chocolate and a movie and forget the busy outside world for a while. But ultimately I was made to be productive.  Continue reading


BE Inspired!

I love feeling inspired. Actually, no. I love BEING inspired.

There is a key difference between ‘feeling’ and ‘being’. So often I will say ‘I feel this way …’ or ‘I feel that way …‘ What I’ve realised is that my feelings change all the time according to the things around me – my personal mood, the weather, how people treat me, good things happening in life, less good things happening in life. And I often let those things infiltrate my whole being and allow them to dictate how I ‘feel’.

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Stepping Out The Comfort Zone

Earlier this week, on route to my parent’s house, I saw a seagull casually walking down the road. He didn’t look as if he had just landed, or like he was about to take flight. He simply looked like he had just decided to have a nice walk along the pavement to enjoy the sunshine. There were no other seagulls around and for that matter, no other people or cars in sight, except for us. The scene just seemed so very random and out of place and for that reason captured and held my attention and thoughts for a while.

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