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Love One Another Every Day

Love One AnotherThe sun is shining. The sky is blue. The clocks have gone forward and it’s officially Spring. This puts a smile on everyone’s face!

It’s also Mothering Sunday. A day where you go on Facebook and see a newsfeed filled with people showing love, honour and gratefulness to the wonderful people they get to call ‘Mum’ in their life. Controversially, I have mixed feelings over the whole notion but please don’t shoot me down in flames yet! I will always be in favour of honouring people full stop. In fact I truly believe that every single person walking the Earth, no matter what their story, has something within them that is worthy of being honoured and celebrated. There are so many people that go about everyday life, sacrificing things daily, working hard and giving the best of themselves to their families who would say that’s just what you do, it’s nothing special, it’s just a part of life. But life is hard, struggles are real and everyone deserves their moment where they feel truly loved, appreciated, and valued for what they bring to the table and what they give to others.  Continue reading


Love This Christmas


christmas-gift-snowman-winter-favim-com-124529_largeI am currently sitting in my lounge, in my pyjamas, snuggled under a blanket with a glass of red wine. The fire is on, the candles are lit and the fairy lights are twinkling on the tree. The house is clean and tidy, the food shopping has been done, the gifts are wrapped and nestled under the tree, and for the first time in a good few years I am ready to enjoy the Christmas festivities a week ahead of the big day itself.  Continue reading

Walking The Tightrope of Perspective

img_6751Perspective. A way of regarding or seeing something. It sounds so simple, so easy. But maintaining and holding the right perspective sometimes can be so difficult. I took these two photographs at the beach back in the Summer and have often reflected on how important it is to hold the right perspective at the right time.

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The Honour of Daughtering

10458037_10152071427615703_1923623355232397623_nIt’s the 1st of July. The first day of a new month. The midpoint of the year. The day we should really be able to say Summer has come. It’s also my parents’ wedding anniversary. Their 44th anniversary to be precise. And, as their daughter I’m incredibly proud of that. Everyday, I class myself as blessed that I was fortunate enough for them to become my parents and I love the fact they’ve made it this far together through life. Because life isn’t easy for anyone. Continue reading

Tutoring Ella

8566_10151565125995703_2034252375_nI’ve missed my not-so-little niece this week. She’s a ten year old girl of beauty, thoughtfulness, sensitivity and wonder. For the last six weeks I’ve been tutoring her once a week in English and Maths to help prepare her for her year 6 SATs which she’ll be taking in May and it’s only through her absence this week that I’ve realised how much value she brings to my week and how much I enjoy spending the time with her. It’s proving to be truly invaluable for the both of us.

She’s currently away at camp on a school residential for the week and although it’s pretty much been raining non-stop, I know she will have had a great time away being all adventurous and feeling all grown-up, away from home with all her friends for a week. Continue reading

The Big Things

Back in June I wrote a blog titled ‘The Little Things’. It centered around the importance of the little things in life. The things that might be overlooked if you blink, but … if you keep your eyes open and catch them, they can turn your whole day around and make you shine with joy. I believe in the power of the little things.

What I didn’t mention are the big things. The things that fill life up, the things that capture our time, our effort, our passion, our love, the things that inhabit our world on a large scale and if they suddenly went missing, would leave a huge, significant  void. Continue reading

The Little Things

It’s the little things that make the world go around. Such a cliche but actually there really is truth in it.

I tend to notice the little things anyway but this week has been crammed with little things, which is rather ironic as it’s been a week filled to the brim with ‘stuff’, where at times I feel like I’ve had to remind myself even to breathe, where I’ve found myself just wishing there was one more hour in the day so I could just get a few more things done as well as wishing for another two hours in the night so I can catch up on some much needed sleep!

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