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An Autumn Catch-Up

writing-toolsI’ve done it again. I meant to write but I didn’t.

I meant to write about the time I was driving to work, was stopped in traffic and through the hazy early morning sunshine saw a rabbit munching on grass by the side of the road. I meant to write about how in that moment I admired that rabbit for having no fear whatsoever, for nonchalantly ignoring all the cars, lorries and loud motorcycles that were driving past and for merely getting on with the task in hand, breakfast. Continue reading


Summer Hopes

FullSizeRender 3Write. Just write. Just write something they keep saying. So I’m writing. Whatever comes out. 

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and I’m sitting on the steps in my parents’ garden while they are off holidaying in Cape Verde. To be quite honest, it’s so beautiful sitting here for a minute that it’d rival many oversees places right now. Warm sun, blue sky, the odd whispy cloud, an array of bright and flourishing flowers, birds singing … and apart from that, nothing. Just peace. No traffic, no people, no voices … nothing.  Continue reading

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